Low Fire Clay 06-04

Low-fire clays, also known as earthenware clays, are a type of ceramic clay that vitrifies (becomes hard and non-absorbent) at relatively low temperatures compared to other types of clay. 

Temperature: Low-fire clays are fired at temperatures ranging from around 1,650 to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Due to their lower firing temperatures and porous nature, low-fire clays are commonly used for creating functional and decorative pottery, such as dishes, mugs, tiles, and sculptures. They are also popular for ceramic projects in educational settings and beginner ceramics classes since they are easier to work with compared to high-fire clays.

While low-fire clays are easier to work with and suitable for certain applications, they are not as durable or strong as high-fire clays. Therefore, finished pieces made from low-fire clays are not always suitable for heavy use or exposure to extreme temperatures.