Mid Fire Clay 5-6

Mid-fire clays provide a valuable middle ground between low-fire and high-fire clays, offering increased durability and functional properties compared to low-fire ceramics, while not requiring the high-temperature kilns and special considerations needed for high-fire stoneware and porcelain. The flexibility and accessibility of mid-fire clays make them a popular choice for many ceramic artists and potters.

Firing Temperature: Mid-fire clays are fired at temperatures ranging from approximately 2,100 to 2,262 degrees Fahrenheit.

When properly fired, mid-fire clays vitrify and become less porous than low-fire clays. This means they have improved strength, durability, and water resistance, making them suitable for functional and utilitarian pottery.

Mid-fire clays are often used in combination with mid-range glazes that mature at similar firing temperatures. These glazes can offer a wide variety of colors, textures, and surface finishes to enhance the appearance and functionality of the ceramic pieces.