How to set up School and Educator Accounts

Setting Up An Account : 

To create an account go to top right of the menu. Select "Account". From here you will be send to the login page. At the bottom of that screen select "Create an Account". Once an account is created we will set up the tax exemption. If you are new to ordering with us please fax or email us a copy of the tax exemption form. Please note we manually have to change the tax structure for the account. This can only be done during our business hours. 



*Please enter the Name of the School in the "First Name" field. Enter type of school in the "Last Name" field, example Elementary / Intermediate / High.

*Do not enter educators personal name. 


Online shopping with school accounts requires payment made by Credit Cards issued through the School system. Feel free to reach out to us regarding questions.

Pick up and Delivery options for the KCMO metro area are available during the check out process. Outside of the metro area will require pick ups or freighting. For delivery outside of the metro area please submit POs via our Uploader.  

Phone: 816.842.1999       Fax: 816.842.1553    Email: