2" Thick Inswool Insulation Fiber

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This 24-inch wide roll is sold in 1 ft increments or 2ft increments. Quantity equals 1 foot in length, regardless of width.

For ordering you will select if you want a 1ft or 2ft wide, then add 1 qty for each foot of length you’d like.

INSWOOL Ceramic Fiber Blankets are a complete product line for applications from 1500°F to 2600°F. These products are produced from a spun ceramic fiber which is needled into lightweight, flexible blankets and contain no inorganic binders. INSWOOL Blankets are durable and have superior tensile strength.

INSWOOL blanket products are easy to install. No special forming is required and plant personnel can be used to install the product. Furnace structures can be made lighter and furnace components can be shop fabricated with INSWOOL blanket linings. Also, there is no curing or dry out time when using INSWOOL ceramic fiber blankets. These linings can be fired to peak operating temperature immediately after installation.

INSWOOL fiber blankets have excellent chemical stability and are unaffected by most chemicals. The only exceptions are hydrofluoric and phosphoric acid.