Duncan Overglaze Lusters by Mayco

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2g Bottles of luster.

Note: This product is only nontoxic after firing. Work in a well-ventilated area when applying to your piece. 

  1. Do not stir or shake.

  2. Place a small amount of Gold or White Gold on a glazed palette; apply one smooth coat with a brush designated for use with each respective product.

  3. Try to attain an even application of product:

    • Premium Gold tint should be red in color.

    • Bright Gold tint should be flag brown in color.

    • White Gold tint should be green in color.

  4. Do not let metallic pool in an area; brush out smoothly.

  5. Allow to dry.

  6. Stilt and fire Metallics to cone 019-018.

  7. Clean brush in Essence and let dry.


    Note: Ware decorated with metallic overglazes should not be used in microwave ovens

    If overglazes are accidentally applied in the wrong area, dip a cotton swab in Essence and neatly wipe off misplaced color.

    If any areas are missed, go back and touch up before either the metallic or the luster overglaze dries.

    For solid coverage with Bright Gold and Premium Gold, apply over a yellow glaze or a yellow underglaze covered by clear glaze for best results; for solid coverage with White Gold, apply over a gray glaze or a gray underglaze covered by a clear glaze.

    Overglazes dry in about one hour, but overglazed ware can be fired while still wet. The kiln must be clean, well ventilated (do not overload) and follow a normal firing schedule. Do not touch wet decoration and handle as little as possible until ware is fired to avoid smudging.

    Caution - Overglazes contain solvents and should be used in a well-ventilated area. Those susceptible to odors (such as pregnant women) should be especially careful to work only in areas with an adequate ventilation system. During firing, odors are not dangerous but can be offensive. These odors quickly leave the area; however, you should not work in the kiln area during firing.

    When using metallic and lusters on the same piece, it is best to apply the metallic first, fire to cone 019-018, and then apply the luster and refire to cone 020.

    Dinnerware Safety - Duncan Overglazes can be used on surfaces that come into contact with food and drink. Care must be taken to avoid hard scrubbing when washing overglazed ware, because of the possibility of scraping off the thin layer of metal or luster. Treat your overglazed pieces as you would fine china. Although overglazed ware will take repeated washings in a dishwasher, the overglaze will eventually wear away.

    Duncan Overglaze Accessory: OA 901 Essence is the necessary cleaner for brushes used with Duncan Overglazes. Any other cleaning agent may contain water or solvents which will cause separation of the overglaze during subsequent applications.