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When you receive Pure Brilliance Clear Dipping Glazes in a 1 gallon or 3.5-gallon container you will notice very minimal settling, which is uncharacteristic of clear dipping glaze formulas. The glaze will arrive in a gel-like state and appear thicker than dipping glazes of the past. This gel formula is intentional and is by design. The gel-like state helps to keep the glaze in suspension during shipment, making it easier for you to mix in preparation of use.

The viscosity range for Pure Brilliance Clear Dipping Glaze is 19-24. Please use this range as a guideline. Your personal number may vary. We strongly encourage you to try the glaze in a thicker state during your initial use than you may have become accustomed to with other dipping glazes. Due to the new technology used to develop this glaze it will perform very well when it appears thicker than glazes of the past.

Less water in the glaze will eliminate overlap lines, keep black detail lines looking much sharper with no bleeding, and improve overall drying time.

Pure Brilliance Clear Dipping Glaze is much more forgiving than any nontoxic glaze on the market. It has been formulated  to not over accumulate on pieces making over-application issues almost non-existent. Application results can now be consistent from person to person with varying dipping techniques using the same dipping tank of glaze.

Pure Brilliance Clear Dipping Glaze has an extended “open” time immediately after dipping to allow you to shake off drips and runs, but has an overall faster drying time helping you and your staff get the kilns loaded quickly with less work.

Pure Brilliance Clear Dipping Glaze dries to a manageable but stable state allowing you to load kilns without the glaze flaking off in your hands. No more glazed starved plate rims! Stable drying also means no dust and mess in your studio!