EL-153 Caribbean Blue

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Inspired by aspects of nature, Elements™ and Elements™ Chunkies produce lush, organic, and earthy hues. This high-performance art glaze gives the artist a wide variety of options in one product as the application, firing temperature and shape will influence the outcome. Elements ™ and Element ™ Chunkies were designed to simulate the aesthetic, movement and interest of mid-range and high fire glazes in a cone 06/05 oxidation kiln firing. 

  • Hints -

  • Uneven glaze application can affect the look of the glaze. We recommend application in one direction.

  • Allow ample room for air circulation in the kiln during the firing process as heat work and adequate oxygen can influence the glaze appearance.

  • Many of the Elements™ produce interesting effects at higher firing temperatures (cone 6) but will change color. We recommend testing to determine color, surface characteristics, and movement prior to use.