Mayco Silkscreen Medium

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For creating silkscreen design on clay or bisque: Mix four parts Underglaze or Stroke & Coat® (1″ wide dollop of glaze) to one part Silkscreen Medium (pinch). Using a palette knife, thoroughly mix glaze and silkscreen medium on a flat surface until the mixture is smooth and contains no lumps. Add small amounts of medium until mixture resembles a thick paste, similar to the consistency of peanut butter. Push material through designer silkscreen with a squeegee or finger. Can be used with low fire and mid-range glazes.

Color: the base firing properties of the glaze used to create the ceramic paste remain unchanged: cone 06, cone 6 glazes perform just as they would in a non-paste state. For the deepest color we recommend using Stroke & Coat®, Designer Liner or Mayco Underglaze – products that contain high pigment content. Darker colors will produce deeper color in the fired result. Use of other color lines and/or light pigment colors (pinks, tans, light yellow, etc.) may yield less prominent results.

Viscosity: if a paste is too thin your design may bleed. As a general rule: the more detailed the screen design the thicker the paste. For patterns, such as Chevrons and Stripes, you may find a thinner pastes works best.