Shimpo Glass Kiln

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Glass Kiln Series

Many studios are now discovering the possibilities of glass for creating decorative and functional work, and new products on the market make glass work accessible to both artist and hobbyist alike. Our glass kilns are designed specifically for the narrow firing range of glass. Their physical design ensures eveness of temperature throughout the kiln chamber.

Built with the same quality and craftsmanship as all Cone Art Kilns, these models will provide years of trouble-free firing.

Cone Art Kilns are electrically approved by CUL/CSA.


  • Heating elements in walls and lid provides the even heat distribution needed when firing glass

    1. 3″ Walls (Models 2309-S, 2809-S & 4209-S) retains heat which allows for slower cooling

    2. Wide temperature range up to Cone 8

    3. 2 year Warranty