Shimpo NRA-04/04S

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The NRA-04/04S pugmill features newly designed twin augers and a forceful direct gear driven motor. It’s high quality wedging and extruding capacity obtained produces virtually air-free clay and increases clay workability that make this compact pugmill one of the most efficient and competitive on the market.

The NRA-04S pugmill includes high quality stainless steel nozzle, auger case, and rollers.


  • Direct gear driven motor provides maximum mechanical force for blending, requiring minimum operator effort

    1. High extruding capacity; twin stainless steel mixing augers blend and extrude up to 880 lbs per hour

    2. Dual safety system; limit switch automatically cuts power to pugmill when augers are exposed. Stop button allows for immediate operator control

    3. High Quality Wedging Function; twin augers typically found only in large industrial machines, increase wedging capacity and produces practically air-free clay without a vacuum

    4. Includes a clay cut-off wire and clay receiving table

    5. 5 year warranty