Shimpo SRM-1624

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The Mini Slab Roller SRM-1624 features a TWO-ROLLER system with easy locking roller levers and thickness indicator that provides synchronized fine adjustments. The SRM-1624 can produce a slab with the thickness of 0-1″. Its lightweight (31 lbs), compact design makes it PORTABLE and quick to disassemble for storage; and yet its 16″ X 24″ table makes it a permanent addition to any studio or classroom.


  • Locking roller levers provide synchronized fine adjustments that allow for precise control of slab thickness

    1. Two-roller system evenly distributes pressure on slab to reduce warping

    2. Thickness indicator provides synchronized fine adjustments that can produce a thickness of 0-1″

    3. Compact and lightweight design makes it easily portable

    4. 2 year Warranty