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Designed with the potter in mind, the SHIMPO VL-LITE is a belt-driven lightweight wheel. “LITE” enough to carry yet sturdy enough to throw on. Featuring a remote pedal, two-piece splash pan, workspace, 100-watt reversible motor, an automatic belt-tensioning system and a “LITE” price.


  • Electronic Controller delivers smooth steady speed control at maximum torque

    1. 25 lbs centering

    2. 12″ wheel-head

    3. Broad Speed Range allows optimum speed under all load conditions

    4. Built-in Breaker protects Motor from overload

    5. Portable

    6. Smooth and steady foot pedal control

    7. Automatic belt tensioning system

    8. Unique brushes in the motor make this wheel extremely quiet

    9. 5 year warranty

Reversibility, Accommodates left and right hand users

Centering 25 lbs

Wheel-head Speed 0 – 250 rpm

Remote Foot Pedal Accommodate all throwing positions

Wheel Dimensions 22" x 28" x 21"

Weight 51 lbs Ship Weight 85 lbs