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Peter Pugger’s VPM-9 is the flagship of all studio Vacuum Deairing Mixing Pugmills. With all the bells and whistles, and a price that competes with the standard “offshore” pugmills, the compact VPM-9 does it all. Any clay that has not been fired can be reclaimed in the VPM-9. With the fastest mixing times in the industry, broken green ware, slop, powder and water can be thrown into the pugmill and reclaimed in minutes. With the latest advancements in mixing, deairing and extruding technology, the VPM-9 outshines the competition. Quality, durability and proven performance…Why settle for anything else?


  • Maximum Batch Capacity*: 25 pounds
  • Pugging Rate: 500 lbs. per hour
  • Mixing Rate: 150 lbs. per hour
  • Dimensions: 36″L x 14″W x 14″H
  • Crated Weight: Aluminum Version – 149 lbs. (Ships FED EX Ground)
  • Hopper Door Size: 5.25″ x 5.25″
  • Pug Size: 3″ round
  • Electrical: 3/4 HP 1-phase, 8 amps at 120 volts, 6 amps at 240V
  • Vacuum Pump: 1/2 HP, (operates off main electrical)

 SS Model is imperative for potters using porcelain and white stoneware clay bodies with corrosive soda spars.

*Max Batch Capacity may vary depending on material density and moisture content