CG-780 Mystic Jade

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Crystal glazes were designed to mature at cone 06/05. Apply to shelf cone 04 bisque. Shake the jar well and stir during the application process. Apply 3 coats with a fan brush, allow to dry between coats. Avoid placing crystals towards the bottom of ware to keep them from flowing onto the kiln shelf during firing. Crystal Glazes can be fired to higher temperatures. Review individual color label for cone 6 firing results. The crystals in the glaze will melt when fired, which may create a textured surface. As that surface may be difficult to properly clean if in contact with food, we recommend crystal glazes to be used on decorative ware. Jungle Gems ™ glazes are certified AP nontoxic, with the exception of CG-707 Woodland Fantasy and CG-713 Peacock Green which requires a caution label, CL, due to soluble copper and CG-973 Alligator due to barium. Please refer to label for specific information.

Left-over crystals? Just add a complimentary Foundations® glaze.