Shimpo Mill Rack Attachment

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The Ball Mill Rack Attachment attaches to most NIDEC-SHIMPO wheels when used with a 12″ wheel-head. This space-saving rack will allow for variable speed milling. The rack accommodates jars from 3″ – ½” to 9″ diameter up to 10″ long. Made of heavy-duty cast iron, the unique folding feature lets you use your NIDEC-SHIMPO wheel for throwing without detaching the rack.


  • Heavy-duty milling; precise milling with variable speed

    1. Compact design; space-saving/folding design lets you use your wheel for throwing without detaching the rack

    2. Model construction; heavy-duty cast iron

    3. Heavy-duty cast iron construction

    4. Wheel Attachment fits on most NIDEC-SHIMPO wheels with a 12″ wheel-head

    5. Ball mill rack accommodates 1L-3L jars only